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You can do this, and don’t forget it

My fellow ACDS talent recruiters and I have lots of nuts-and-bolts tips and good practical advice to share with job candidates. But one tip that I’m particularly partial to is the need to keep a positive attitude.

We’re all human, and there’s nothing more human than to beat ourselves up by focusing on our negatives—especially when we’re in a stressful situation with a lot on the line. But that’s the very time we need to push out those negative feelings and remember all the things we’re good at. I tell the candidates I work with, “Before you build a resume, before you answer the recruiter’s phone call, before you go to a job interview, carry a notepad around for a week and write down every positive skill you have, as they come to you. You’ll be surprised at how smart and talented you really are.”

I’ve seen it work time and time again. Today you may think you can only do MS Excel. But as you mull it over during that week, you start to realize that that spreadsheet’s formulas and pivot tables and graphs feed into Access, which notifies inventory to reorder supplies, while also alerting accounting to send out the invoice and the shipping labels. It’s not just a spreadsheet; it’s a valuable business process, and you built and implemented all of those important steps.

A few more soft tips

Consider volunteering: It feels good, and not only do you give back, you’re also networking…which leads me to another tip.

Never limit your options: Always be open, and train yourself to listen carefully for the sound of opportunity.

Be a networker: Who do you know who knows that person that you need to know? Step out, step up, and keep up your networking in person and via social media.

Invest in yourself: Make sure your profiles are set up on all related social media platforms.

Apply to multiple jobs: Make sure your profiles are set up on all related social media platforms.

In my book, maintaining a positive attitude is the best tip to keep you moving forward, but it’s the hardest to do. We’re all different, and what helps me stay positive may not help you. So I tell people to find whatever it is that makes them happy and proud, and then apply it to everything they do. None of us has all the answers, but every one of us can choose to put on a smile—or not—each and every day. Personally, I choose to smile and look to the positive, because the return on investment is worth it.

Jenny Sales is one of the ReSkill Arkansas recruiters for ACDS


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