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If the resumé is the trailer to your career movie, the interview falls somewhere between your working script and your character backstory. In other words, you want to know exactly who it is you’re intending to project. This is no time for improv! Before you step into that interview room, think hard about the points you want to make about yourself, and also what you want to know about the company you’re interviewing with. Curiosity is good. Below are a couple of checklists you’ll find helpful.

Practice Answering Common Interview Questions…

  • “Tell me about yourself.”
  • “Why did you apply for this specific job?”
  • “What were your reasons for leaving your last two jobs?”
  • “Please tell me about a project, and include details, that highlights your technical skills and abilities.”

A Handful of Do’s (and one Don’t)…

  • Do: Your research—know details about the company. Do: Prepare a few good questions to ask.
  • Do: Ask for feedback.
  • Do: Take notes.
  • Do: Bring a copy of your resumé.
  • Do: Turn off your cell phone.
  • Do: Prepare notes about points you want to make and have them handy if the interview is by phone or video (in the latter case, keep your notes off camera).
  • Do: Post interview, send your interviewer a short email thanking him/her for the opportunity to interview. Include when you interviewed and for what position. To really stand out, re-attach a resumé, mention something specific that you liked about the conversation or position, and reference your salary range target and location—“I am open to Data Analyst or IT Analyst position in Little Rock with a desired salary range of $35-40k.”
  • Don’t: Get upset if the recruiter doesn’t reply. The majority of a recruiter’s day is spent triaging resumes.

Source: ACDS

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